Mosaic Experiment 2017 Theme: Consequences of Utopia

"There is a party
Everyone is there
Everyone will leave
At exactly the same time
It's hard to imagine that
Nothing at all
Could be so exciting
Could be this much fun
Heaven is a place
A place where nothing
Nothing ever happens"

-- Talking Heads

The Mosaic Experiment invites our attendees to ponder the desire for perfect harmony and community, and whether that hope could lead to unintended consequences. We talk of the "Default World" as if it is an other, as if we have stumbled upon some new way of organizing ourselves that is better than the old. One built on Principles, welcoming strangers Home, and balancing the (seemingly irreconcilable) needs of self expression, self reliance, and a desire for responsibility to a community.

What does it mean to exist in a Utopia? Is it a place of perfect freedom where individuals can do as they choose? Or is it one of communal harmony, where people look out for one another and each are given in accordance to their own needs? Can you actually create a Utopia that does both?

We would like to see our attendees examine this question head on this year. Are there pitfalls to this desire? How well do we uphold our own ideals? And, are there even ways in which we mimic the Default World unintentionally?

The palette is yours to do with what you want. Will you attempt to prove that Utopia is possible? Creating your own perfect community, if even for a few days? Do you think that the line between Dystopia and Utopia is a bit too close for comfort?

... and will you show us the Consequences of such an experiment?"