At the ceremonial center of our temporary city at Reclaim is a structure we refer to as β€œthe Effigy.” Every year the structure is different, inspired by the theme, and created by a volunteer group of Mosaic Experiment artists and makers. There are very few hard and fast rules as to what the structure may look like, so defining it outside of its historical context is nearly impossible. That said, historically, the Effigy has been a large wooden structure that serves as the central icon of the event. In the spirit of recognizing ephemeral nature of our experimental culture, we burn the Effigy down on Saturday night in a large ceremonial bonfire celebration.


Before the structure can be created, there must be a plan and purpose. The Effigy design and build team is made up of volunteers from our community, and funded in part by Mosaic Experiment and other fundraising. Anyone may propose an effigy. We've created an application process and procedures to make it easier for you to turn your idea into a giant burning reality.

Are you game for designing and building the central icon of our experiment? Read on! 

Start Here: 

EFFIGY FAQ, Criteria, Timeline & Prohibited Burn Materials List (Google Doc) (PDF)

EFFIGY Application (Google Doc) (PDF)