Artist Spotlight: #ReclaimUtopia

Lets face it. The year of 2017 isn’t going to go down as an uplifting point in our history. For many of us, Mosaic is our only reprieve from the outside nasty. And now, Andromedea Arts International(AAI) has the nerve to corporate take over our burn and call it a consequence of utopia.

You’ve heard our call to arms. If you find yourself believing corporations are burners, stop reading. Walk away. Sign your sucker soul over to AAI.

For the rest of you, Welcome to occupy mosaic. Just your mere presence will send a message.  We are camping in “their” space and not leaving until we need to drive back home! We have major camp involvement (shout out trash pandas). Skrambles**!* will have petitions for signing and a pin maker so you can wear your #resistance. We have alt-gate and alt-greeters to provide our movement with corruption free hugs. Bring your signs!

This time, at this burn, righteousness and reason will win. This is our chance to prove that the real consequence of utopia is an unbreakable community. This is our chance  to #ReclaimUtopia.

This is the first in a series of posts from our 2017 Mosaic Experiment artists. #ReclaimUtopia #OccupyMosaic was selected for funding by the 2017 Mosaic Experiment Art Grant Committee. Stay tuned for more art updates from participants just like you. The theme for Mosaic Experiment 2017 invites participants to contemplate the Consequences of Utopia.


Art Grant and Effigy Applications Now Accepted - Deadline June 30th

Apply by June 30!

Greetings Valued Participants,

This is Dominic, your newly corporatized Mosaic Art Grant Lead (now a fully owned subsidiary of Andromeda Arts International), inviting all our Participant Shareholders to send us their artistic visions. Representatives of our new corporate art funding patrons, The Collingford Group, are excited to see what new Immediacy inspired Self Expression you can come up with (Note: Self expression and Immediacy are now wholly owned trademarks of Andromeda Arts International).

The Collingford Group has been generous enough to provide us with $3,500 for new art grants, $1,500 for a central effigy, and $500 for Youth Art Grants. Details are available on the Mosaic website here. The Board of Directors is excited to see how well its inspired, market tested, synergized, and value-added art theme, Consequences of Utopia (tm) is made manifest by their newly purchased community.

Would you like to be the person who designs the central piece of artwork commemorating the illustrious corporate partnership between Mosaic and Andromeda Arts International? It will be unveiled to the public at a nighttime ceremony on Saturday, October 7th, exclusively at Reclaim. I know I will not miss it, and hope you can join us to commemorate the dawning of this new era. The deadline for submissions is June 30th.

Participant Shareholders who are interested in receiving funding for their art pieces should also have their ideas in by June 30th.

As you surely know, Andromeda Arts International prides itself in providing radical, participant centered, art experiences for the discerning consumer. Our Self Expression and Immediacy is everywhere and we are sure you have seen some of the pieces our millenium of funded artists have created. Attached to this post are several examples of our more famous works... but there are others.... and those wishing to engage in Immediacy inspired art can not escape us.

So join us.... and embrace the utopia we so generously provide for our Valued, Participant, Shareholder, Consumers....


Dominic Barbato Esq

Assistant-Associate Director of Art Grants

Andromeda Arts International

Attention Valued Participants

Greetings Mosaic Participant,

We know that you have been eagerly awaiting the announcement for this year’s Mosaic Experiment theme. We apologize for the delay. In lieu of a theme announcement, this year, the Morg is happy to announce that we are in the final stages of a merger with the Collingford Group, a subsidiary of Andromeda Arts International. Of course, there are always "Consequences of Utopia," but we feel this is in the best interest of the community and are excited for the future.

As you know, Andromeda Arts International prides itself in its ability to market participatory, radical art experiences to the discerning consumer. We expect some bumps during transition, but believe this will ultimately make Mosaic what we have always wanted it to be: a highly valued and recognized brand. Expect some changes to the website to reflect our new corporate values, beginning this summer.

As part of this merger, Andromeda Representatives have asked us to relay the following new guidelines for all participants:

  1. All participants are expected to engage in self expression at any given time. Those found not in compliance will be assisted by the Division of Radical Judgment and educated in the delicate art of free thinking that we at Andromeda Arts International so highly value.

  2. All participants are expected to be utilizing Immediacy at all times. Andromeda Arts International reserves the right to define such Immediacy in a manner that it sees fit independent of any previous definitions or agreements. The Division of Radical Judgment will be providing up to the minute educational workshops for those interested.

  3. All participants are expected to volunteer for Team Badminton every night at 5. Properly expressive attire is expected.

  4. Andromeda Arts International prides itself in its commitment to music that lacks all lyrics. All music not utilizing synthesizers, mixers, driving base, or breakbeats will be considered to lack Self Expression.

Andromeda Arts International and the Morg will be celebrating this grand merger on Saturday night, as we cut the ribbon on a piece of corporate art so generously funded by the Collingford Group. Please show up and watch this exciting new Era of Mosaic unfold. Andromeda Arts International would also like us to relay that it has heard rumors that certain factions not as committed to self expression or immediacy are planning on engaging in some sort of counter protest on this glorious piece... Andromeda Arts International takes a dim view of all vandalism and the Division of Radical Judgment will be planning to deal with this situation accordingly.

This is the dawning of a bright new day for Mosaic, thank you for sharing it with us.


Shareholder Steering Committee (formerly The Morg)

P.S. Please see the attached promotional flyer for the newest addition to our participatory radical arts experience offerings, Mosaic Experiment 2017!

Image in flyer courtesy of Mathew Tucciarone, LA WEekly, all rights reserved

Image in flyer courtesy of Mathew Tucciarone, LA WEekly, all rights reserved

Fine print: yes… the Morg still runs the event, no… we are not now a corporate conglomerate, yes… still pay attention to the survival guide and rules... Play along if you like Hippie, and have a nice day... see you at Mosaic.

2017 THEME: Submit your ideas!

SUGGEST A THEME for our next Experiment: October 5 - 8, 2017.

In 2014 we mined the hive for its wisdom and secrets. In 2015, we defied gravity together with Mothership Love, an effigy that spun us to new heights. In 2016, you took us to the Future Past. Where will you take us next? Submit your theme idea for Mosaic Experiment 2017.


HYPOTHESIS: The Burn is always better next year, right? ;) , and your theme idea can help make that a reality. 

ABSTRACT: The options are limitless, submit a theme that inspires our community to create, connect, participate and explore. Include a description that makes your vision clear.

VARIABLE: You! A Burn is nothing without the creativity and imagination of participants like you. The only limit for the year's theme is the farthest reach of your mind.

CONSTANT: Submissions accepted until MONDAY, APRIL 3 at 11:59 pm.

METHOD: Submit your theme suggestion and description via this handy form., wait and see what unfolds, and be sure to join us for Mosaic Experiment 2017 from October 5 - 8 at Reclaim!


Great news, Experimenters! Given the upheaval during June for many of us, your friendly Mosaic Organizers have decided to extend the deadline for Large Art Grants and Effigy applications until Saturday, July 9 at 11:59 p.m. That means YOU HAVE MORE TIME to gather your ideas, team and get your applications in! 



2016 THEME: And the winner is...


Let us together journey backwards to the days of retro futurism. Back when analog was king, and holding a computer-phone in your hand was but a blip on the future’s radar… keep going, back, back farther still! Think 40's & 50's Sci-fi books and movies. Art Deco space ships. Hovercrafts and lots of flashing lights; fashions that are out of this world! Even time travel is on the books here. Encountering alien races, sentient robots, or mad scientists doing their latest cross-species experiments would not be out of order. Now that we have tricorders, self-replicating nano-technology, and self-driving cars, tomorrow IS today - wait, which future is this, anyway? Backwards, to the days of FUTURE PAST!

Tickets go on sale May 18 at noon - mark your calendars and adjust your gears, Experimenters! Check out the ticket details here. Interested in our Scholarship ticket program? Applications accepted March 30 to April 13. Read the details here!

2016 THEME: Submit your ideas!

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it:

SUGGEST A THEME for our next Experiment: September 29 to October 2, 2016.

In 2014 we mined the hive for its wisdom and secrets. Queen Beetch held court while burner bees swarmed Reclaim, pollinating the strip mine playa with weirdness, art, gifts, and a honeycomb-inspired effigy that went down in a blaze of glory. In 2015, we defied gravity together with Mothership Love, an effigy that spun us to new heights. WHAT WILL 2016 BRING?

Experimenters! ACTIVATE.

HYPOTHESIS: Mosaic 2016’s theme will be so mind-blowingly awesome you’ll hear pew pew pew sounds when anybody speaks it out loud.

ABSTRACT: Dig down deep, burn scientists! Submit a theme that inspires our community to create, connect, participate and explore. Include a description that makes your vision clear.

VARIABLE: The only limit is the farthest reach of your beautiful mind.

CONSTANT: Submissions accepted until WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16 at 11:59 pm.

METHOD: Submit your theme suggestion and description via this handy form: