A gate lead must be a great communicator, diligent, reliable, and adaptable. Participants depend on gate leads to keeping the gate running smoothly so they can enjoy the event as quickly as possible. Since gate is often the last stop from the default world for the weekend, we want to make sure that participants feel welcome and excited to be home. The other side of the coin is the responsibility for public welfare. Mosaic LLC trusts that gate leads will diligently address the bureaucracy that gate entails.

What does this really mean?

Gate is in charge of managing the entry/exit into the event, getting waivers signed, validating tickets and IDs, and assigning wristbands.

Before the event, gate co-leads will work to implement changes to improve the ticketing/entry process and help recruit volunteers and shift leads to fill scheduled shifts during the event. You will attend planning meetings as needed/required to ensure that gate operations will work fluidly with other departments and you are up-to-date on any pertinent event details. It’s important to coordinate closely with Greaters and TACO to address issues with vehicle flow into the event.

During the event you will be responsible for managing gate shifts. This means on your scheduled days (but not every day!) you will be opening and closing gate. During gate open hours you will be on call to assist with any issues as well as ensure proper staffing of volunteers at gate. If volunteers are not available or do not show up for their shifts you will be responsible for getting them covered or even working the shift yourself. Each day, gate co-leads will meet to discuss the previous day’s events.

After the event you will help reach out to volunteers and thank them. A brief afterburn report on what worked well and what improvements can be made in the future will also be submitted for the organization. If you are wanting to be a gate co-lead for the following year, participation in the winter retreat is highly encouraged!

As a gate co-lead great communication skills are necessary. Knowing Google Drive and how to use Docs. Sheets, Forms, etc is extremely useful. If you do not know, be prepared to learn or coordinate closely with your fellow co-lead(s) on the best way to exchange information for everyone.

The goal is to work together to help create an enjoyable event for everyone attending and a positive, fun way to participate for our volunteers. Above all, your involvement is valued and this should be an exciting and enriching experience for you as well! With enough preparation we should be able to have all participants (including ourselves) able to enjoy the event!


Gate Lead will have a radio and be on call for their entire shift but is not required to stay at Gate as long as sufficient volunteers (usually 2) are present.

  • Open Gate and make sure that all supplies and tech are ready.

  • Verify that all shift changes go smoothly.

  • Cover any shifts with no-shows.

  • Ensure that any anticipated overnight shifts or late entries, if any, are properly covered.

  • Resolve any issues during their shift.

  • Close Gate making sure all supplies and tech are stored away (charging etc).



Tuesday 6pm-10pm (Co-lead 1) 4

Wednesday 2pm-midnight (Co-lead 1) 10


Thursday 9am-6pm (Co-lead 2) 9

Thursday 6pm - Friday 1am (Co-lead 1) 7

Friday Midnight-8am (Thursday night shift lead camping near gate or rental security, TBD) 8

Friday 9am-6pm (Co-lead 1) 9

Friday 6pm - Saturday 1am (Co-lead 2) 7

Saturday Midnight-8am (Friday night shift lead camping near gate or rental security, TBD) 8

Saturday 9am-4pm (Co-lead 2) 7

Saturday 4pm - Sunday 8am (Saturday night shift lead camping near gate or rental security, TBD) 16


Sunday 9am-4pm (Co-lead 2) 7

Co-lead 1: 30 hours

Co-lead 2: 30 hours

Night shift leads or rental security (TBD) 32