Art Grants volunteers work pre-event to decide which projects and artists will be funded from the Mosaic Experiment Art Grants budget, and some help choose the Effigy design and team from applications. After Art Grants and Effigy have been chosen, some volunteers serve as liaisons to help funded artists navigate the grant process through completion. The Art Grants team holds artists accountable for our community standards for safety, financial transparency and our values more generally.

Contact your Art Grants Lead:


Conclave is the fiery tradition of dancers, spinners and performers that entertains the crowd during the event and before the immolation of the Effigy. Would you like to perform with fire or help to make sure others are safe while spinning? Then please sign up to get HOT with us.

Contact your Conclave Lead:

DPW (Department of Public Works) 

DPW is responsible for building, assembling, breaking down and maintaining the infrastructure (tents, shade structures, signs, lighting, etc.) that supports our Mosaic village. DPW gets Home ready and makes sure our community structures are safe enough to have fun. DPW rocks out with our socks out the “heavy lifting” for other departments. We also take on new—and sometimes random—responsibilities—such as pre-event meals for set-up crew and artists—as needed. Some DPW may be asked to arrive at the event early for set-up or hang out afterwards for tear down—and polishing off leftovers.

Contact your DPW Lead:

LNT (Earth Guardian/Leave No Trace)

In keeping with our principles, LNT volunteers (aka Earth Guardians) do their part to leave Reclaim better than we found it.

Pre-burn: The LNT leads will do educational outreach and answer incoming questions about best practices preparing for the burn.

During the burn: LNT volunteers inform unknowing or inattentive participants of the LNT principle. These volunteers will also conduct MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) sweeps during the event to politely call out MOOPers, collect unattended MOOP, or gather folks to take care of their own MOOP.

After-burn: LNT also needs volunteers that can stay after Mosaic ends to conduct all final MOOP sweeps and ensure that our impact on Reclaim is minimal. Contact LNT leads if you are interested in being part of the Earth Guardian/Leave No Trace crew or with any LNT questions.

Contact your Leave No Trace Lead:


As the centerpiece of our event burns on our final evening together, the Effigy burn perimeter crew stands guard, making sure the crowd stays a safe distance away from the fire. Burn Perimeter guards must be sober, able to keep a keen eye on the crowd, and act quickly if safety issues arise.

Contact your Effigy Burn Perimeter Lead:


Do you like fire?…Silly question! Do you play and perform with fire or want to keep our burn safe while others do? If you have an interest in fire safety or want to learn to work with fire safely—then join our team! Fire handles everything from making sure fire pits throughout our event are within guidelines and monitored and that our effigy burns properly and safely. If you are knowledgeable about fire art or safety or desire training and would like to help us make the event safe—please sign up!

Contact your Fire Safety Team Lead:


First Aid volunteers assist with cuts, burns, bites, ticks, headaches, etc… You will always have back up, and any questions or concerns should be clearly directed to your First Aid Shift Lead. First aid volunteers keep a stocked, organized, and de-MOOPed first aid area. It is absolutely necessary to record injuries and your volunteer hours for data tracking. Requirements are a positive attitude, a willingness to help, to be sober during your shift, and to properly follow First Aid Team and Mosaic Experiment radio protocols. Please show up 10 minutes early.

Contact your First Aid Lead:


Gate volunteers handle ticket processing, participant waivers, wristbands, and vehicle checks. You will be the first contact for anyone entering the property including landowners, law/county officials, and gate crashers. You must be sober during your shift. You will be trained on procedures prior to your shift, but please arrive 10 minutes early. Gate volunteer shifts are 3 hours long, and you will be responsible for maintaining equipment and keeping the area MOOP-free in addition to the check-in duties.

Contact your Gate Lead:


Greeters are the sagaciously happy, generally over-caffeinated hug machines that help “WELCOME HOME!” arriving participants! Greeters gift positive energy and warm greetings to tired travelers who are ready to burn. Greeters also explain the land and theme camp layout and get burners pointed in the right direction. Greeters are also the first official introduction to burner principles, discussing them and their importance with newbies and veterans alike. Widen those smiles, warm up those huggers, and be a greeter! There's no better way to meet new people—and you'll feel awesome after a few hours of the best hugs in existence.

Contact your Greeters Lead:


Rangers keep an eye out on safety, guide the lost, and help where they can. Anyone with decent people skills can become an excellent Ranger. Rangers are called on as peacemakers at the event. Rangering is a commitment to aid and facilitate the community. Rangers are observers and can often calm a rough situation with simply walking and talking with someone. They are not security guards or law enforcement – Rangers are gentle mediators for minor situations, and know when to call for help on major situations. Black Rock Ranger training or rangering experience desired but not required. Newcomers and Rangers from other burn events are very welcome! Shifts are 4 hours each, and we need Rangers 24 hours a day. Note: You must be completely sober for your shift.

Contact your Rangers Lead:


Everyone loves boots and cats, but someone has to make sure the boots are marching and the cats are herding. Sound Squad is that friendly liaison that ensures sound camps are following Mosaic’s sound camp policy, allowing camps to radically express themselves while respecting others' rights to do the same (and keeping neighbors to the property happy). The Sound Squad works with placement before the event to ensure smart camp placement. They also keep records of the sound camps, their lead contact information, and maintain dialog—both before and during the event—to make sure everyone has a good time. In the event a camp doesn’t cooperate, the squad can shut down the equipment and involve rangers, if required, but we hope it never comes to that. What other volunteer job lets you dance at sound camps (while monitoring DB levels)?

Contact your Sound Lead:

TACO (Transportation Authority & Car Oversight) aka PARKING

Parking volunteers help organize the parking lot, direct participants into their spots, and help maintain an efficient flow of vehicles and people. Parking knows the lay of the land to direct cars, trailers, and camps in the right direction. Volunteers make team leads (including Rangers or Public Works) aware of any arrivals that require extra care in moving, trailer guidance, or any arrival situation that needs extra attention. 

Contact your Parking Lead:


Mosaic Experiment doesn’t happen without the loving and dedicated efforts of its volunteers. The volunteer coordination team specializes in matching motivated participants to volunteer opportunities and showing Mosaic volunteers a little love. In addition to pre-event coordination, on-site support is needed at the Volunteer Hub for friendly folks willing to greet, coordinate, and educate volunteers. If facilitating all the amazing volunteerism and making sure that volunteer efforts are acknowledged and appreciated is your kind of thing, join us on the volunteer coordination team!

Contact your Volunteer Coordination Lead: