Every participant, from the main organizers to the greeters, effigy builders, artists, rangers and gate, are volunteers. There are plenty of ways to get involved and put your particular skill set to good use, both before and during the event. Are you new to Mosaic? Volunteering is the best way to meet the community. Are you a seasoned burner, ready for more? You already get it.

Mosaic requires all volunteers to purchase a ticket to the event, even the event organizers.

Ready to get involved? Follow the links below to learn more about our departments and find your niche:

Click Here for the Volunteer Sign Up Form

Please be aware: most of our leads will be preparing for and attending Burning Man. You probably won’t hear back from your lead about your shift until September 13th. Don’t fret! We haven’t forgotten you!

Click Here for Volunteer Department Descriptions

Not sure where your talents would fit best? Email our awesome Volunteer Coordinators at volunteers@mosaicexperiment.com for help!