Planning on bringing something special to Mosaic? THANK YOU!

Theme camps, large art installations and RVs, trailer and car campers must register to guarantee placement at our event. Follow the link below to get signed up. Register all the things!

Registration is now closed


What is art? You decide! Everyone is encouraged to create art at Mosaic, from pocket-sized paintings to large sculptural pieces, and performance art to interactive games. Art is a wonderful way to deepen your participation with the community.

Please consider the safety of fellow participants when designing your art. Signs can help people know how to interact with your art installation – for example, can they climb on it? Is it okay to write or paint on it? Be clear about your intentions and the community will follow.

Registering all art is not required, but if you are bringing a large art piece, have questions about placement, and want a registered spot on the placement map, you must register your art installation by clicking the link above.

Questions on art installation placement? Contact Placement Lead at


Theme camps are the interactive core of Burning Man events. An ideal theme camp should create an artistically stimulating presence and provide a communal space or other opportunity for interaction. Theme camps are meant to welcome the greater community into a communal space. Good signage, a welcoming host and interaction is highly recommended! Let our community know how to participate with your camp. If you build it, they will come!

Please consider the safety of fellow participants when designing your theme camp. Signs can help people know how to interact with your camp – for example, are you only open for certain hours? Do you have certain boundaries for personal camping space? How do you want people to experience your theme camp? Be clear about your intentions and the community will follow.

Registered Theme Camps will have a space reserved based on needs and requests. Fill out the Theme Camp Registration Form by clicking the link above.

Questions? Email our Placement Department at


Are you planning on camping in an RV, camper/trailer, or car? If your camping needs require that your vehicle be at your campsite, or you bring an RV or camper/trailer, you must register in order to obtain a parking pass. Registered vehicles will not be on the placement map, but will be taken into space consideration by Placement for theme camps. Please note: there are NO hookups available on site (no electrical, no water, etc) at Reclaim. This is primitive camping.

Registered vehicle campers are HIGHLY encouraged to decorate/disguise your vehicle to add to the artistry of the event. Fill out the RV/Trailer/Car Camping Registration form by clicking the link above

Your direct contacts for RV/Trailer/Car Camping are Boodles and Showman, TACO (Transit Authority and Car Oversight)/Parking Co-leads:


Planning to spin fire at Mosaic Experiment? All fire spinners must check in at one of the daily safety meetings/prop checks. You must bring all of your props to this meeting. Fire spinners who have attended this meeting will have a wristband. You must have this wristband to spin fire. We encourage you to fill out the registration form before the event. This will help our Conclave Leads gauge the number of spinners to expect for daily safety meetings and help planning for the conclave prior to the effigy burn. Registration form can be found by clicking the link above.

Finished? Congratulations! Now, get to work on your projects for Mosaic Experiment. Our village awaits your arrival!