Description:  This Lead will coordinate Greeter Functions.

Greeters are responsible for welcoming participants to the event while answering questions and educating people about the principles of our event.  Is our job to help break down boundaries and immediately begin acculturation into Mosaic Experiment.

Other Departments You’ll Work With:

  • Volunteer

  • Parking

  • Ticketing

Guidelines and Responsibilities:  


  • Confirm with Volunteer lead the number of shifts and number of people per shift you will need for the duration of the Burn.

  • Work with co-lead to set up greeter station (the infrastructure will be done by DPW) with necessary materials -signage, lighting ,acculturation tools, greeters gifts, etc

  • Actively recruit and staff Greeter Volunteers

  • Develop a system for greeters to be trained

  • Create and bring the Greeters Guide (need to look at for 2019)

During the Burn

  • Ensure that station is always staffed and be available with a radio if there are any concerns

  • Ensure training system is working so that volunteers are equipped to do their jobs.

  • Sign in and sign out volunteers

Post Burn

  • Help strike the greeters station.

  • Write a greeters post burn report following a given format