Placement Lead is responsible for the layout of the event, maintaining contact with theme camps and art, and creating/setting up the placement map.

Before The Event

  • Review Inventory & Create Budget

  • Create/Update Forms and Communication Channels with Participants & Theme Camps (Currently Google Forms / Docs / Spreadsheets) Email:

  • Gather info on the camps attending, space and amenity requirements, infrastructure requirements

  • Maintain communication with theme camp contacts up until the event, attend meetings as needed. (current time commitment is approx 1 hr/week, increases closer to the event)

  • Share information with appropriate departments: art grants, fire safety, LNT

  • Work Closely with Art Grants to make sure necessary placement info is collected.

  • 4 weeks before event: registration closes, follow up with theme camps & art to finalize details

  • Create Placement Map (currently using Google Maps (my maps--takes approx 8-12 hrs including revisions--I highly recommend doing it in small bursts) & utilizing GPS tracking on-site to speed up the event layout)

  • Publish Placement Map and share link through appropriate channels (one to two weeks before the event--post to facebook pages, share with promotion, etc.)

  • Create Signs needed for placement (theme camps, art grants, do not enter, etc)

  • Print Signs & Maps for use on-site (currently printing large items at local makerspace and through connections keeping the costs very low)

  • Send email to theme camps with last minute info (check with other departments to see if they have anything to add)

  • Save map on GPS device for offline use (if necessary)


  • Arrive early (Usually Tuesday Evening) and set-up camp boundaries, porto placement, signage, etc.

  • Use GPS map to lay out event (currently using yard marking flags at corners)

  • Help camps and art as they arrive and resolve any placement issues.

  • Check in with art grants on site, relay info to art grant lead. (This is a favor to art grants since we are already in contact for placement)

  • LNT! Don’t moop any placement flags or signs.

  • Inventory and pack away all equipment

  • Write Afterburn Report