Promotions (also called public relations) are integral to how Mosaic Experiment and the MORG interface with the public. Promotion heavily influences acculturation of new burners, timely communication of critical event information, and the tone of our community. Promotions include: website updates, social media, and email newsletters.

Necessary Skills: Promotions Department Head ideally has some experience with public relations and a lot of administrative skills, including but not limited to: all Google apps (email, drive, docs, sheets, and forms), Wordpress (Mosaic’s current website program) and various relevant social media forums. Must be a great promotional writer. An eye for layout and design also helpful.

Ideal characteristics include: timeliness, ability to meet frequent deadlines, a neutral but friendly relationship with the public, great writing skills, high level of organization, leadership skills, enthusiasm, and social media savvy. Not losing your cool in the face of negativity online is a huge part of this role.

Time commitment:

This is a heavily involved role that interacts with nearly every MORG department at some point. There is a lot of administrative work involved. Expect to spend at least three hours a week developing and promoting, especially in the early part of the production cycle.

Involvement starts from the time the Mosaic group begins meeting early in the year, and lasts until the event itself begins.


  • Create promotional strategy for Mosaic Experiment, to include:

    • Website updates

    • Promotions on Social Media (Facebook, etc)

    • Email newsletter

  • Develop promotional administrative procedures

  • Adhere to Social Media Policy

  • Create and coordinate a proofreading subcommittee of MORG leads

  • Over the year, identify strong succession prospects and develop task leads for 2020

  • Coordinate and promote the following:   

    • Event Date Announcement

    • Theme Submissions Process

    • Survival Guide

  • Promote the following:

    • Art Grants & Effigy process

    • Open Lead call outs

    • Ticketing process

    • Volunteer Recruiting

    • Placement registrations

    • Art Grant fundraisers

    • Consent

  • Work with Department Leads to promote their own needs

  • When possible, recruit and promote interviews with community members on website.

  • Provide content for website. Encourage community involvement whenever possible.

  • Consider other possible social media and online outlets for promotions (twitter, instagram, etc.)


  • Procedures are still in development this year, but can all generally be found in the Promotions folder on the MORG google drive.

  • 99% of promotions work is PRE-EVENT - meaning you can relax during the actual burn! Promotions Head is not actually required attend the event - but why wouldn’t you?

  • Post Event work includes some debriefing with community on social media and an afterburn report.

  • Responsible for all MORG administrative tasks

    • reading all emails sent to the Mosaic mailing list

    • being subscribed to the Mosaic calendar

    • being signed up to GroupME: , reading those messages, and responding to those messages if required to do so. Everyone signed up to GroupME is required to respond to the group at least once to be identified as a someone who really wanted to be a part of the group.

    • joining mandatory conference calls

    • respond to emails requiring your reply by any MORG team lead