• Recruitment, recruitment, recruitment for both dirt and khaki shifts

  • Attend MORG event planning calls

  • Shift scheduling and coordination

  • Assist in creating, planning, coordinating and conducting Ranger training

    • Formalize on-site training content

    • Goal: Set up pre-event Mosaic Ranger trainings

    • Long term goal: work with other regional burns’ Ranger leads to coordinate regional training model for multiple events in the area (e.g. Scorched, Lakes, Reclamation, etc.)

At Event:

  • Be on call and ready to respond to Ranger calls, for one or two overnight shifts and one or two day shifts (to be scheduled with other lead/co-lead)

    • Ranger Sober

    • Shift lead when no khaki

    • Person khaki (and sometimes dirt rangers) calls if needs assistance

    • On call = responding to LLC and other leads/co-leads with ranger questions/needs

  • Train and mentor dirt rangers

  • Train and mentor new khakis

  • Help train effigy perimeter volunteers (and hopefully participate in perimeter)

  • Be a resource for and collaborate with all other departments and ready to respond to whatever weird curveball is thrown at us this year

  • Remain cheerful, or at least not completely murderous, when the weather inevitably decides to punish us

Helpful Skills

  • Interpersonal relationship/communication skills

  • Collaboration - especially with other departments

  • Keeping calm in stressful situations/managing crises

  • Reasonably good organizational skills

  • Ability to think on your feet

  • Willingness to ask someone else for help

  • Being the adultiest adult in the area when someone really needs an adult

  • Looking good in tan.

Previous Rangering Experience Required