Pre-Event Planning:

  • Review car camping registration.  Establish timing by which to accept or reject permits.

  • Attempt to encourage carpooling this year in some way, shape, or form.

  • Work with placement to determine ‘open camping’ for cars and RV’s

  • Work with Promo/Project Management to get car camping registration form up and running.

  • Establish new volunteer schedule to include shuttle service volunteers.

  • Recruit volunteers, shift leads, and establish new “viziers’ position

  • Collect quotes from Mid-Ohio, Wagner, and Century golf cart companies (at least) to determine the most cost effective golf-cart plan.

  • Work with DPW to understand infrastructure needs

  • Order badminton net.  Get really good at badminton.

  • Plan for Golf cart needs.  Determine how many, and who gets them when.

  • Construct road lights/posts/signs (if we get budget to do that)

  • Come up with appropriate, non-commodified bounty to encourage participants to steal DPW’s golf carts.

  • Attend weekly conference calls in case input is required

  • Call up Viziers ahead of time to discuss plans for the event

Pre-Event Work:

  • Arrive early (Early Tues to take Golf Cart Delivery) to ensure parking lot is setup and to direct DPW volunteers to set up the road (possibly by raking the fuck out of some wood chips).

  • Coordinate setup of infrastructure with DPW

  • Set up parking rows like last year (50 ft)

  • De-Commodify Golf Carts

During Event:

  • Work with Volunteer Coordination to fill empty slots with walk-ups

  • Train shift leads to manage golf cart key check-outs and to train people in the subtle art of making cars stop in the right place.

  • Be prepared to work shifts that are not covered

  • Fuel Golf Carts as needed

  • Deal with golf-cart maintenance issues.

Post Event:

  • Need to be ready to be onsite until Mid-Afternoon Monday to allow for golf cart pickup.