Volunteer coordinators (VC) are the ring leaders of the volunteering process.  They provide assistance to team leads and volunteers that help make Mosaic successful. The VC should also aim to make gratitude for volunteering as important as acquiring volunteers.

Helpful skills for a VC include intimate knowledge with Google apps, good organization, works well with others, patience, dedication of anywhere from 2-10 hours a week of work (depending on the time of year), and the ability to effectively delegate tasks to teams and volunteers.  

SPECIAL ATTENTION:  The most critical task of a VC is make sure that volunteer records are as complete and accurate as possible.

Pre Event:

  • Communicate with MORG about upcoming volunteer deadlines through emails;  rarely will the situation require phone calls unless it is requested by a MORG member.

  • Work closely with the department heads early in the year to  to make sure that lead is/has set-up the communication system for acquiring event volunteers that suits their needs.

  • Assist MORG and work closely with Promo Lead for community call outs to get dept head, task lead, and volunteers; communicate with volunteers to place them with teams

  • Collaborate and confirm with dept heads about their own volunteer sign up schedules and make sure those schedules make it to the event.

  • Communicate any budgetary needs to MORG LLC.

  • Coordinate build of volunteer hub space, what structure(s) it will involve, confirm inventories, and volunteers for building it (whether it be DPW or otherwise).

  • Secure shift leads to help run hub.  Effectively communicate with this team what is expected of them and their tools to get the jobs done.

  • Make sure volunteer hub infrastructure and materials make it to event.

  • Work with Volunteer Appreciation Lead as needed to make and acquire volunteer swag, volunteer luncheon, and appreciation efforts.


  • Oversee shift leads running the volunteer hub.

  • Be available to assist dept leads with any volunteer scheduling needs.

  • Help to provide education about volunteering during the event and provide an atmosphere conducive to acquiring volunteers on-site.

  • Acquire volunteer sign in/out sheets from leads every day

Post Event

  • Write up afterburn report, acquire Volunteer Appreciation lead’s afterburn report

  • Encourage and remind leads to send thank yous to volunteers!

  • Send out volunteer survey

Volunteer Appreciation Lead

This task lead is in charge of orchestrating how the Mosaic volunteer is generally appreciated. Our volunteers are the blood of the functioning of Mosaic, this person will work to add some perks to such an important job.

This lead is in charge of:

  • Design and acquisition of general volunteer swag (ie, patches/pins, keychains, lights, whatever!)

  • Coordinating the volunteer appreciation luncheon on-site at the event including leading volunteers for set up, tear down, and clean up of the luncheon.

  • Adhere to the budget given by accounting and volunteer coordination (VC) head and submit detailed receipts of purchases.

  • Brainstorm volunteer fluffing and appreciation tactics for volunteers on-site.

  • Work with VC head and Volunteer hub shift leads on-site as needed.

Time dedication:

  • Much of the pre-event work for this lead will be done within the 2 months prior to the event averaging about 2 hours per week.

  • During the event, the volunteer appreciation lead should be available for help at the volunteer hub if needed. Otherwise, the only day that this lead is being on duty for the day is the day of the volunteer appreciation luncheon (usually Friday).

  • Post event this lead should given written feedback (<1 page) to the VC head on how volunteer appreciation went for the event (worked and didn’t) complete with any suggestions for the following year.

Volunteer Hub Shifters

Volunteer hub shift leads will get to spend a day at the event in/around the structure where the volunteer hub is located, and assist volunteers and participants with volunteering.

General duties of this event position will be:

  • Give 6-8 hours (or more!) of your burn to assisting volunteer efforts at the hub

  • Answer questions about volunteering that volunteers or participants may have like where to sign in for their shift, what shifts are open for a volunteer to pick up, where to go for the appreciation luncheon, etc.

  • Hand out swag to volunteers

  • Let team leads know about shift cancellations that you have been informed of

  • Help provide education about volunteering to burn or anyone stopping by

  • Accumulate and organize previous day’s volunteer sign in records; evaluate for missing shifts and get sign-off from that dept head/shift lead.

  • Assist Center Camp Hub lead as needed

  • Be responsible for Volunteer hub radio while on shift