2014 Theme: HIVE MINED

What if we were to assemble on a reclaimed strip mine, gather under the premise of burning man's 10 principles and operate autonomously within those guidelines. What can we create? (Spoiler alert: Harry is a wizard)

Off in the distance, the delusional ramblings of a ginger** pronouncing the availability of bees in 2014?

This is the year of the bees. Hive Mined.

Celebrate and challenge our community. Advance weirdness and creativity! Explore the bounds of rational and irrational thought! Gift empowerment to our fellows and experiment to the fullest!


Did you know that when honey bees find desirable pollen sources, they perform a dance to others back at the hive to inform their fellows what and where that sweet pollen is so that more may help collect what all pays off as that sweet, sweet honey? (Harry Kills Voldemort)

Seriously, bees are fracking amazing! A complex community of do-ers (that are highly organized*) and contribute in ways we can't even understand yet.  Much as the worker bee operates to advance the art of the hive, a burner operates to challenge the 10 principles. And the results of both can vary wildly.

"We shall collect at ye ol' reclaimed strip mine, back to the hive to throw in our shares of the proverbial pollen, dance at each other, and create that sweet, sweet honey to hold us through the winter." ***

Mosaic 2014. We've got bees


***non-weasley ginger
*citation needed
**hermione digs gingers