Burner Resume: BrewBear

Burner Handle(s): BrewBear (new burner name thanks to HoneyBear!!!)

Defaultia Region of Origin: Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati

Years Burning/home burn: The infamous Mudsaic was my first burn/home burn - been actively burning since this burn.  I get the opportunity to go to the big burn for my second time this year (currently freaking out that I leave for the desert in 5-6 weeks), Lakes of Fire, and Mosaic each year.

Years of Servitude, ahem, volunteering: I have been volunteering since day 1

Role: Greeters Co-Lead

Why: Because I get to hug/offer hugs to everyone who comes in..how amazing is that!!!

Why does your dept matter? Greeters often get overlooked for the importance of the role they play.  Greeters help set the tone of the burn and begin to break down boundaries/walls.  

Why does volunteering improve your burn/make you happy/work for you? Volunteering is everything.  We wouldnt be able to have a burn if it wasnt for volunteering.  Participation is such an important principle and what better way to participate than volunteering.  It will give you a deeper appreciation for burns.

Why should someone consider volunteering for you?  If you want a fun, amazing volunteer experience - Greeters is made for you!  You get to meet SOOO many people and develop amazing friendships.  I have met some of my closer friends just by volunteering as a Greeter.

What's your favorite volunteer story? They all are amazeballs!

What's your best burner skill? Outside of being insanely organized, I think I am a very inclusive person.  I really want to be as welcoming as possible and approachable, especially at my camp. 

Walking up to camps is kind of intimidating, especially if you're kind of introverted as I am.  I try to make that experience as friendly and welcoming as possible.

What's your choice nugget of wisdom for a virgin burner? Let your boundaries down and explore!  Talk to people you wouldn't normally talk to in default, wear something you wouldn't normally wear, do a workshop about something you would never think about doing, and most importantly have fun!!!  If you don't have a smile on your face, you're missing out :-).  Also, READ THE SURVIVAL GUIDE and bring a cup!

Why do you love burning? There is nothing like a burn. Some of the most amazing people that I have in my life are because of burns and I am so thankful for each and everyone of you.

Have burns changed your life? How? I have always challenged myself physically but never mentally.  Burns have pushed me to get out of my comfort zone, especially socially.  I am sincerely a better hooman because of burns. One of the best experiences I have ever had actually happened at a burn - watching my hospital bracelets (from being hospitalized for mental health right before that burn) burn in the Mosaic Effigy in 2016 with my close friends in hand.  It was such a freeing experience for me.

What does consent mean to you? I'm surprised its not a principle.  Its all about respecting others..that even means asking before giving hugs :-)

Which principle is primary for you and why? I have to pick one??  Well I am picking 2 - Communal Effort - we are all in this together.  Its easy to focus on yourself at a burn but remember, without eachother, we dont have a burn.  Immediacy (often over looked) - be present in the moment, be present within yourself.

What keeps you sane in Defaultia? 2 things a) my amazing wife Ashley (of which you will get to learn about on this page shortly).  She is one of the most amazing and loving people I have ever met, I hope you get to meet her at Mosaic. She keeps me grounded and keeps me together b) I have been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) for 10 years - without jiu-jitsu, I couldnt imagine where I would be and who I would be.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I will open a brewery before I die! Until then, I am fine working in the corporate world but Little Mash Brew Company will be a thing!

What's your drink of choice? I love love love LOVE craftbeer.  What is my favorite craftbeer?  I love anything with hops, barrel aged stouts, and barrel aged sours.