Are you ready to burn again?


Well, this has been by far the most exciting burn season in our Ohio region to date! Everyone is riding high off of the most successful Scorched Nuts event we ever had (with record attendance yet again), and all we kept hearing during the exodus and online forums were people calling it "the best burn I ever attended!" WOO HOO!

Also, we saw the biggest representation from non-Ohio regions we've seen yet, WOO HOO! (this is why we're reaching out to so many of you!)

The burn energy hasn't even begun to slow down for most of us. Problem is, we all miss each other so much already that we want to do it again!

Sure, there will be decompressions and precompressions, but when do we get to do another proper burn???? Talks have already begun for planning another Ohio regional event in the fall (currently being referred to as Mosaic.) We love that land Scorched Nuts uses in Rutland, OH not only because it's beautiful & magical, but it's very accessible from Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Lexington, Louisville, and Indianapolis (between 3 - 4.5 hours away from all locations and even closer to Columbus and Dayton, and about an hour further from Detroit and Ann Arbor!)

We're just not really sure WHEN? We have a few dates in mind but we'd like you all to help us decide.

So Please take a quick moment to take the poll for what date this burn should become reality!

Here is the poll:

ALSO, if you are willing to be a team lead to help make this endeavor happen, please get back at me and we'll find a good place for you with many more details! It's only a commitment for a few months to help make a really awesome thing happen that so many of us cherish and love.

Be well everyone! :)