Grumpy Face's Hippie Heater

Matt Kreuzwieser (Grumpy Face)Name/burner name:  Matt Kreuzwieser (Grumpy Face) Hometown:  Ann Arbor Michigan

When did you first start burning? How did you get into this whole regional scene?: I had a long time interest in BM going back to first hearing about it early 90's in the Utne Reader, then life happened and I just didn't get there. Met a guy who camps with Syncytium, met the gang, went to LoF and then BM my first year. Haven't looked back.

What was your Mosaic 2014 theme camp / burner group name and description:  Syncytium: A biological term that means single cell with multiple nuclei. Open theme camp of 50-85 regulars based in the Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Chicago areas that focuses on creativity and chaos. Mashup of engineers, bartenders, DJs, sculptors, fire performers, and good folks that come together to create a carnival of creativity.

Mosaic 2014's art piece name and description: Hippie Heater, a low pressure flame effect designed to keep burners warm on those cool October Ohio nights. 10’ long metal pipe bent into a curve pattern with horizontal slits cut into the top. Pipe was capped at one end and propane fittings attached to the other. Propane fills the tube and escapes through the slits in the top where it is lit on fire.

Inspiration for art: Ohio law restricts high pressure flame effects so he wanted to make a low pressure effect to show that low pressure propane can still be exciting, artistic, and functional.

Time spent on making it:  About 3 hours

Helpers/assistant builders: None were needed

Challenges during the build: Minimal challenges, has a good background with flame effects and a community of fire artists that he has learned from.

What skills did you learn that will help you with your next art piece: Used a pipe roller for the first time to create a bend in the 10’ long metal pipe. Might use this technique to create a more intricate low pressure flame effect.

Closing Remarks: If you want to learn how to build a flame effect he recommends the DaveX workshops and to lean hard on the other members of the burning man community to help understand the dangers and demystify propane flame effects.

Grumpy Face's Hippie Heater