Have you registered yet for all the things?

I can't wait to see what is inspiring you this year. Whatever your art may be... Please register your installation! If our placement team knows what you're bringing, you'll find that your neighbors aren't randomized problem generation units. Having neighbors who compliment your creativity serves the whole community! Which... You DO know that's what you're helping to build by attending, right? Okay. More coffee. [http://www.mosaicexperiment.com/news/register-for-placement/] ALSO!! EFFIGY GRANT SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS LOOMING LIKE A VERY CLOSE THING!! [http://www.mosaicexperiment.com/news/effigy-submissions-are-now-open/]

I'd like to open this message by pointing out that there has been a lot of coffee in my life today. Mosaic is happening eventually and the more time there is to prepare, the more time there is to prepare. [http://www.mosaicexperiment.com/news/survival-guide/]

Have you bought a ticket yet? Have you volunteered yet? Have you tuned these questions out yet? The end is the beginning. [http://www.mosaicexperiment.com/news/tickets/]