Mosaic Newsletter Updates for July

art grant deadline Stuff is starting to move quickly. Tickets are selling. Grant applications are flowing in... The effigy for Mosaic Experiment 2014 : Hive Mined has been selected. There were several applications, all of which were freaking great. Ultimately, we congratulate the community for welcoming Thom Root as our effigy lead.

ART GRANT deadline has been extended to JULY 17. The DEADLINE for ART GRANT applications is now JULY 17. Finish it already; everyone knows that you need the money.

Lastly, since this is really more of a love letter than an update, I'd like to mention the land where Mosaic occurs. The site is affectionately referred to as "Reclaim." Reclaim is known to be a recovered strip mine in Rutland, Ohio. Aside from the clearing where we gather, the land is largely forest and generally undisturbed by humans... As such, burners are ideal guests and hosts. The "Pack in/Pack out" nature of our LNT (leave no trace) values ensure a minimal impact on a fragile and recovering slice of raw beauty. Ever since I first visited Reclaim at Scorched Nuts several years ago, I have learned that we share a lot in common with that land... trying with all your might to find balance and manifest beauty may sound familiar for you as well.

Speaking of... Have you registered your theme camp? If you're one of the many who have obtained a ticket this early, it's probably a good idea to get on that. We've ALL got planning to do... This thing's going to reach max population.

Oh, and fun LNT aside: I've encountered more than one festival-hippie question regarding recycling and how Mosaic Experiment handles it. Answer: We don't. YOU do!! You get two choices... Pack out what you pack in, or don't come. Watching both of their expressions change as they "got it" reminded me of a really suspenseful joke that someone once told me.

I Freaking Love You!