Mosaic updates and new web-poll

What is Mosaic? If you haven't been following my last couple messages, it is a community driven burner event that will take place in Ohio in the fall. The energy behind this comes from the very supportive burner community that made Scorched Nuts happen just a few weeks ago who strongly expressed their desire not to limit their magical experience to once a year. We're officially calling this event The Mosaic Experiment (or Mosaic for short.) Lots of discussion and polling has been done online and offline since this initial spark, so we have results to report, and more questions to ask!

WHEN? A date has been set thanks to our web poll results: October 3rd - 6th, 2013!

WHERE? Everyone wanted this to take place at Reclaim, the same land near Athens, OH where Scorched Nuts has been held annually for years. We are pleased to announce the owner of Reclaim loved the idea and is permitting us to use his land twice a year! It's a beautiful & magical please, and we're very excited to go back!

WHAT NOW? Team building and event planning is now in full force, pricing our insurance costs and portable toilets as well, and soon we will have ticket pricing determined and ticket sales will go live!

All that said, we have a question for the community which we're discussing heavily but we're also curious to poll everyone to see where we stand on the issue.

Should Mosaic be a family friendly all ages event (like Burning Man, Alchemy, and Lakes of Fire) or should it be restricted to 18 and over as Scorched Nuts has been

Mind you, if it is all ages, no tolerance policies will be in place to remove any parent or guardian who ignores/neglects their children at the event, and theme camps who want to be adults-only are more than welcome to post signs to that effect (as is done at all the family friendly burns I have attended, Burning Man included.) Children can bring a wonderful energy to a burn but also pose risks that wouldn't otherwise be present. Radical inclusion is one of our core principles so this issue is near and dear to my heart. Please help us out and vote with yours:

More updates to follow as we have them!