Burner Resume: Ester the mental molester

Burner Resume: Ester the mental molester

Burner Handle: Ester the mental molester,

YMFFGM (your mother fucking fairie goddess mother) but Mama called me razor lips. I’m the M in S&M Productions, your Promo Team

Defaultia Region of Origin: Southern Michigan.

Years Burning/home burn: 4 years. Lakes of Fire, Paradox, and Mosaic Experiment. Years of being a radicalized dirty hippie over eighteen: 51

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Burner Resume: S-Laughter

Burner Resume: S-Laughter

Burner Handle(s): S-Laughter (rhymes with laughter) – I’m the S in S&M Productions, your Promo Team

Defaultia Region of Origin: Indianapolis, Indiana

Years Burning/home burn: I’ve been burning for 4 years, starting with Mosaic Experiment in 2014. I met this guy named Likewise at a party while he was planning this huge effigy for this fall burn in Ohio. I fell in love with the project, fell in love with him, and fell in love with burning…

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Art Grant Deadline Extension

Greetings Experimenter,

Out of consideration for those of you still decompressing from LOF who ran short on time to get your art grants submitted before the close, everyone's favourite rabbit has extended the Art grant submission deadline by a week.

New closing date is now June 30th.

Please get those grants submitted. Any questions reach out via email to artgrants@mosaicexperiment.com


Art grant form

Effigy/large burnable art form


Criteria selection

Prohibited burn materials list


Calling all artists! We need some art to be arted!

Hey, You, out there in Defaultia - do you feel lonely, out of place and unwanted? Then bring your Misfit self to Mosaic Experiment 2018: The Island of Misfit Toys! Here your uniqueness will be celebrated and radically included! Starting with... an art contest!

Now is the time to Art! S&M Productions encourages you to begin to think about this year's theme by submitting original art expressing it! Your submission could be our Facebook cover image! Please post all designs on Facebook, Imgur or Instagram, then EMAIL THE PERMANENT LINK to the image to: promotions@mosaicexperiment.com

Voting for the 2018 Theme has begun!

Announcing to all the creative, zestful, sensual souls of Mosaic Experiment: Voting for the 2018 Theme has begun! Please use the link below to cast your vote. Submissions are due by next Sunday, March 11 by 11:59pm.

Our Radically Participatory Community submitted a whopping 24 suggestions! The MOrg used rank order voting to select a glorious half dozen for your careful, methodical, detailed, contemplative, goofy, absurd, delightful, do-whatever-the-fuck you want vote. Please complete the same rank order voting form below. ~ You're welcome, S&M Productions

Voting is now closed.