Art Grant and Effigy Applications Now Accepted - Deadline June 30th

Apply by June 30!

Greetings Valued Participants,

This is Dominic, your newly corporatized Mosaic Art Grant Lead (now a fully owned subsidiary of Andromeda Arts International), inviting all our Participant Shareholders to send us their artistic visions. Representatives of our new corporate art funding patrons, The Collingford Group, are excited to see what new Immediacy inspired Self Expression you can come up with (Note: Self expression and Immediacy are now wholly owned trademarks of Andromeda Arts International).

The Collingford Group has been generous enough to provide us with $3,500 for new art grants, $1,500 for a central effigy, and $500 for Youth Art Grants. Details are available on the Mosaic website here. The Board of Directors is excited to see how well its inspired, market tested, synergized, and value-added art theme, Consequences of Utopia (tm) is made manifest by their newly purchased community.

Would you like to be the person who designs the central piece of artwork commemorating the illustrious corporate partnership between Mosaic and Andromeda Arts International? It will be unveiled to the public at a nighttime ceremony on Saturday, October 7th, exclusively at Reclaim. I know I will not miss it, and hope you can join us to commemorate the dawning of this new era. The deadline for submissions is June 30th.

Participant Shareholders who are interested in receiving funding for their art pieces should also have their ideas in by June 30th.

As you surely know, Andromeda Arts International prides itself in providing radical, participant centered, art experiences for the discerning consumer. Our Self Expression and Immediacy is everywhere and we are sure you have seen some of the pieces our millenium of funded artists have created. Attached to this post are several examples of our more famous works... but there are others.... and those wishing to engage in Immediacy inspired art can not escape us.

So join us.... and embrace the utopia we so generously provide for our Valued, Participant, Shareholder, Consumers....


Dominic Barbato Esq

Assistant-Associate Director of Art Grants

Andromeda Arts International