Artist Spotlight: #ReclaimUtopia

Lets face it. The year of 2017 isn’t going to go down as an uplifting point in our history. For many of us, Mosaic is our only reprieve from the outside nasty. And now, Andromedea Arts International(AAI) has the nerve to corporate take over our burn and call it a consequence of utopia.

You’ve heard our call to arms. If you find yourself believing corporations are burners, stop reading. Walk away. Sign your sucker soul over to AAI.

For the rest of you, Welcome to occupy mosaic. Just your mere presence will send a message.  We are camping in “their” space and not leaving until we need to drive back home! We have major camp involvement (shout out trash pandas). Skrambles**!* will have petitions for signing and a pin maker so you can wear your #resistance. We have alt-gate and alt-greeters to provide our movement with corruption free hugs. Bring your signs!

This time, at this burn, righteousness and reason will win. This is our chance to prove that the real consequence of utopia is an unbreakable community. This is our chance  to #ReclaimUtopia.

This is the first in a series of posts from our 2017 Mosaic Experiment artists. #ReclaimUtopia #OccupyMosaic was selected for funding by the 2017 Mosaic Experiment Art Grant Committee. Stay tuned for more art updates from participants just like you. The theme for Mosaic Experiment 2017 invites participants to contemplate the Consequences of Utopia.