GlamBurn Shots: Mosaic FUNdraiser

GlamBurn: Mosaic FUNraiserWe are so excited to announce our partnership with Kintimate Costumes, etc. for this radical FUNdraiser on September 6th! Do you remember Glamour Shots? The huge hair? The movie star make up? The sparkle and gem stone outfits?

Well we will be hosting an eccentric and colorful version of this glamorous portrait experience in an effort to raise funds for interactive outdoor art projects. These 8 projects will be created for the participants of The Mosaic Experiment, happening this October 3-6.

GlamBurn Shots, as we call it, will take place at Kintimates event space on Knowlton street here in Northside. Both floors of this incredible home will be used to provide a complete makeover, costuming selection and a photography session!

As you enter, grab a snack and a beverage and head upstairs to select your outfit and style. Then get your hair did and face made up to match your vision. Finally, spend 15 minutes making your best duck and kissy faces for our talented photograpers as they capture your best side.

These photos will be emailed to you for your own use, so let out your inner pin up, glam rocker, wild child or blushing beauty. All while supporting unique public art!

We will soon be taking reservations for spots for this wild evening of wacky fun so RSVP ASAP to get your first pick of the prime spots!News to use, here is an update on the art grant fundraiser being held on Sept.6th here in Cinci.

We will not be using reservations. You will receive a number when you arrive and sign in. You will pay the $15 for the makeup/photography session.

Drinks (soda, juice and some beer and wine) and snacks will be available, but potluck and booze donations are lovingly welcomed!

Also we will be featuring a Game Room! Cards Against Humanity, jenga, mad libs, apples to apples, all the party favs will be available while you wait for your session.

Of course you are welcome to join in the fun without all the glam! We will ask for a $5 donation to the cause if you are just coming but don't wish to have the full Glamburn experience.

Finally, what is the cause you ask? ART! ART! AND MORE ART! 8 separate artists are hoping this event will help support their creations and allow them to share their visions with the Mosaic Experiment. More info about the projects will be available at the event, and you are welcome to donate more towards a specific project that catches your eye.

So spread the word, share the news, this is going to be an epic night of fun!