All Tickets Are Officially Gone!

Sold All The Tickets!Mosaic Experiment has become the first Ohio regional burn to hit its ticket cap before sales were scheduled to end. In fact, the event isn't for another month! Roughly 200 tickets sold within the two weeks leading up to the ticket tier pricing change from $50 (Tier 1) to $75 (Tier 2.) This is shocking to all of us as there has never been a ticket scarcity for an Ohio burn since the first ones started 7 years ago (in 2007.) Mosaic has had them on sale since April and have been promoting them since March.

We started notifying people of a ticket sellout threat 2 weeks prior to the start of September as we saw an increasing number of them selling every day right up until Tier 2 hit. By then there were less than 50 remaining and they all sold within two days. In total, that's 350 tickets sold in just over 5 months. By contrast, our closest large regional burn to Ohio is Lakes of Fire and their 1,600 tickets were all gone within minutes of their first and second sale, both of which happened within the same week!

What can we do now? Not to fret, one of our organizers put together a Mosaic Ticket Exchange Facebook group. As the event nears, many people who secured their tickets early in response to our warnings of tickets selling out will find themselves unable to attend and will be putting up their tickets for sale here. There obviously won't be enough for everybody who still wants a ticket, but there is still hope for those holding out. If you're persistent and attentive enough, you'll stand a very good chance of getting one.

How can we raise the cap for next year? One word: volunteer! Our cap was determined in January 2014 by last year's organizers who met and guessed the number of participants we felt we could safely handle based on the number of volunteers from our inaugural year. For every extra 100 people attending, you need at least another 30 volunteers (roughly 2/3rds of the entire Lakes of Fire event is made up of volunteers!) For example, you can't justly accept 100 participants if you only have 1 greeter working a couple 6 hour shifts. Gate would be crashed, no one would be tagged entering the event, and no one would be verified as an actual ticket holder. You'd need much longer shifts (not fair to the volunteer greeters) or many more greeter volunteers to remedy this problem. If you have 500 people, you need more rangers to scout the land for potentially dangerous behavior. Having only one person on call day and night wouldn't be cutting it anymore. You'd need more Emergency Service volunteers to be on call , and more Leave No Trace people to educate the masses on picking up after themselves so the organizers don't get stuck doing it afterwards (more people = more risk of MOOP!)  At the moment I'm writing this, we still see a lot of empty volunteer slots needing to be filled. If we find a sudden boost in volunteerism before the event begins, or even at the event itself, we will feel more confident raising the cap. Want to help make it easier for more people to attend next year? Volunteer this year!

Why not raise the cap now? Aside from the note above about our critical need for more volunteers this year, we are also bound by a contract with the property owner stating we would have no more than 350 for this year's event, and we also stated this on our insurance policy. To permit more would violate both our signed contract with the property owner and our insurance policy.  Best thing to do now if you're a lucky ticket holder is to volunteer for a couple shifts at Mosaic, and if you already are, encourage your campmates to do the same. There are many slots still available, most importantly Emergency Services, Rangers, and Greeters, but we definitely need a stronger Leave No Trace presence this year or we may not be permitted back on this property. PLEASE spread the word and encourage everyone to pack it all out! Help make our event cleaner, better, and ultimately bigger, by volunteering right now!