Mosaic Placement Map is now live!

Dearest Mosaic Experiment 2014 Registered Theme Camps and Art Installations,

I have to start off by saying thank you for wanting to go through all the effort to gift your camp and art to participants (and thank you for registering by the deadline)!  The following is what you need to know about bringing your camp/art to Mosaic.

When you will be able to get on site? Theme camps and art installations will be able to be processed at gate and start setting up their camps no earlier than 2pm on Wednesday, Oct 1.  This means that no theme camp or art will be placed or able to start setting their camp up until that time, no exceptions. Estimations of arrival were asked for in the registration form before the Wednesday, 2pm info was out.  If you would like to arrive on Wed please sign email Redbird at so that we can inform gate and know when to expect you.

How will you know where you are placed?

See the above placement map!  Your camp space allotment onsite is based off the dimensions given in your camp registration.  Small ground flags will indicate your placement borders.

Parking of your vehicle? Unless you indicated that your vehicle is required to be onsite in your registration, all vehicles will be required to be in the parking lot by time gate labels on your car. You can still register your car to camp with you here.

What, When, Where?

If you would like to submit something for the what, where, when daily delivery (yes, participants want to make it like a morning newspaper delivery!) then submit your happenings here, one at a time please!

We’ll have a center hub this year too! This year at Mosaic we will have a volunteer hub inside the Atomic Chocolate Bar.  It’s purpose is to help out volunteers and participants navigate the burn, volunteer shift rotations, volunteer appreciation, Khaki station, and anything else that makes sense.  Should you find yourself wanting to volunteer on the spot or in need a Mosaic info, stop on in!

FIRE! No fire poofers or flame effects this year.  Propane allowed only for cooking fires.  No impromptu fire pits.  All camp fire must be safely elevated as to not scar the ground underneath.  FAST volunteers will be around during camp setups to check out your fire.  If you are attracting fire spinning as a camp, consider providing a fuel dump at your camp for spinners.

Reminder of sound policy

“Turn down for what?!” The layout of Reclaim is such that the placement of sound camps is carefully chosen  (considering topography, forested perimeter, land shape) to maintain a pleasant experience for the sound camps, surrounding campers, and other theme camps.  Nightly sound limits are an effort to minimize sound complaints.

Who does this pertain to? Sound policies are for ANY participant, art installation, or theme camp employing any amplified sound system (1 to 10000w) or loud musical instruments.  Mosaic has set a maximum of 4 large sound camps this year.  Only these four camps will be allowed louder sound limits. Any other  theme camps or participants employing amplified sound or acoustic instruments will be subject to quieter sound limits.

What are the event guidelines?

BASS AND VOLUME TURN DOWN: Large Sound Camps For the 4 large sound camps, all sub-woofers will be turned off and turn volume down such that 90 decibels are registered at 40 ft from camp center.

BASS AND VOLUME TURN DOWN: All sound not certified as a large sound camp: For any other sound (amplified or otherwise), all sub-woofers will be turned off and turn volume down such that 50 decibels are registers at 40 ft from camp/installation center.

Bass and volume turn down times: Wednesday- 10pm Thursday- 3am (Friday morning) Friday- 3am (Saturday morning) Saturday- 3am (Sunday morning) ***Bass turn down and volume restrictions expire the following mornings at 10 am Thur-Sun***

How will amplified sound policy be regulated on-site? Our friendly Sound Squad will monitor sound systems during the above posted turn down times. A decibel reader will be used to evaluate volume 40 ft from camp center.  Remember that these are helpful volunteers who offered to work the graveyard shifts, please work with them.  Non-compliance with turn down requests made by a badged Sound Squad member after the listed times will be grounds for sound shut-off for that camp for the duration of the event. Repeated failures to comply with sound policy will be grounds for removal from the event.

Remember to read the survival guide:

Planning on sleeping in your vehicle? Make sure it's registered.

Having a campfire? Register your camp fire.

Lastly, and most importantly, please encourage your camp to volunteer!

Thank you and see you at Mosaic! redbird, DPW Placement