Our Hive: Our Effigy: Communal Effort!

We're proud to introduce you to "Our Hive," Mosaic's selected effigy designed by Thom Root, an Indiana burner.

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A meditation on community, transience, elegance and perspective

In the heart of the Midwest, there is a vibrant community of individuals dedicated to the idea of creating a space to enact self-reliance, self-expression, respect of the environment, and the value of the common good. These good folk will gather at a transformational festival in October, and this work will serve as the central effigy art project for the community.

Our campaign will fund only the material costs of a large-scale burnable art installation for this festival taking place in October. The structure, Our Hive, is an abstract geometric representation of a beehive. The building allows for interaction in a variety of ways. Participants can admire the structure’s intrinsic aesthetic beauty, sit or cuddle in one of the numerous alcoves, lounge in the cargo net, or scale to the top to look around. The structure will be illuminated with LED lighting systems that bring the internal design and negative space into greater conscious awareness. It will stand at around 18 feet tall with a rough diameter of 20 feet at the base.

The festival organizers have already awarded our team a $500 grant for the structure. We need your help to make up the difference in cost for building materials. Our goal of $1,190 will cover the lumber costs for the project.

What We Need & What You Get

All of the funds raised will pay for the cost of the materials to build and transport the structure to the festival site. This campaign to raise $1,190 will cover the cost of the lumber for the 18 foot by 20 foot effigy. Additional costs not covered by this campaign include $1,800 to cover all remaining construction and transportation needs (e.g. internal netting: $170, hardware: $125, lighting: $100, truck rental: $385, and burn costs) Fuel, tools and construction space have already been donated. If we do not meet our goal, all funds will still support the project, and we will have to work even harder to raise money in person…

As a supporter of Our Hive, you'll receive our sincere gratitude, plus additional perks depending on the level of your contribution. These range from handwritten thank you notes to custom stickers to patches to the chance to light Our Hive on fire...in person!

The Impact

Our Hive will be the central art piece and effigy for a transformational festival in Ohio. Dozens of these events occur across the globe, and the movement is on the rise. With roots in the dreams of activists, artists, hippies and seekers, transformational festivals create radically free spaces where participants awaken to their inner selves and experience a new way of being that springs from self-expression and community interaction.

Here in the Midwest, this “dreams made real” opportunity is rare. Opportunities to connect with like-minded folk who passionately believe in the values of radical inclusion, radical self-expression, leaving no trace, and the value of communal effort and civic responsibility are unusual. Burn festivals create the opportunity for individuals to propel the next evolution of humankind forward.

The Artist

In 2012, Thom Root attended his first burn festival. An unassuming software engineer in his regular life, Thom attended an additional nine burns over the past two years, including Burning Man 2013 and the inaugural Mosaic Experiment. Building large-scale burnable art has become a personal passion that brings him fulfillment and joy. His passion ignites a similar fire in anyone around him, bringing others into the community of transformation. A team of volunteers is already in place, helping to bring Our Hive into existence.

Thom has experience with how to design and construct an effective project. He designed the inaugural structure for the Mosaic Experiment 2013. The Dodecamosaic touched and delighted many. The structure was designed so it could be rolled around, providing an interactive element for participants. Thom also contributed to building the inaugural Indiana C.O.R.E. project, INchanted Forest, for Burning Man 2013. We are thirsting for the opportunity to create a larger scale interactive project.

What If?...

If we don’t raise our goal of $1,190, then we will focus on in-person fundraising through selling patches and stickers at other festivals in the area. Additional funds  may be donated by existing team members and through personal gifts.

The structure will be designed with the safety of all participants in mind. Walls and rafters will be reinforced to prevent accidental falls. On-site construction will include seasoned builders, including the lead builder of a 20 foot obelisk for another festival in 2013. This structure will be the most ambitious project for this festival, and we are pumped to make it happen!

Other Ways You Can Help

Whether or not you're able to donate please spread the word to everyone you know. Other burners, performers, artists, your wacky neighbor, your supervisor, that interesting guy you chatted up the other day - you know - everyone! And consider using the buttons below to spread the word online. Thank you - that is all.