2015 THEME: Defying Gravity

DEFYING GRAVITY: Mosaic Experiment 2015 Decades ago, we began our ascent into the unknown cosmos. While fighting against the very real force of Earth's pull on our new celestial bodies, we were also challenging our notions of the solemn, once sacred Space. An untouched realm was interrupted; this ripple effect shifted status quo to include the impossible, the unhinged. We could now touch our fantasies. The veil had been parted.

There are hints at this weightless existence here on our earthly sphere. Insects defy the laws of gravity: chunky bumblebees fly with inexplicable wings using brute force; ants climb walls, overcoming resistance with their miniscule weight. Plant shoots unfurl and trees stretch towards the sky, aided with the movement of water and nutrients by the phenomena of evaporation.

GRAVITY: The force of attraction by which terrestrial bodies tend to fall toward the center of the earth. Also: of a serious and solemn nature.

DEFY: to challenge the power of; to resist boldly.

Mosaic Experiment continues this year on a reclaimed strip-mine - or is it a portal to a new time space, our temporary home in the cosmos? Here, “reality” is up for debate. We may encounter visions of galaxies, nebulae, and newborn stars that melt in our hands, messages of light transmitted across sound, laughter expressed through prisms of color, knowledge of otherworldly sentience, small doors leading to vast spaces. Beyond the looking glass sphere of Earth, this dimensional shift brings about curiouser and curiouser visages, where anything is possible and even the stars aren't the limit.

How will you leave gravity behind?


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