Everyman speaks on bringing Burning Man home

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y67XxbsW5Kw&feature=youtu.be How do we bring Burning Man home? Everyman, Event Lead, speaks about Mosaic Experiment: history, lessons learned, and the future of expanding burner culture on a regional level.

Hear about the humble beginnings in his Cleveland home - the origins of Mosaic Experiment are in the story of Reclaimed Rainbow, the first Ohio burn. From 2007 to Mosaic's first official year in 2013, Everyman explains the failures and success along the way. If you've ever considered how to start your own regional burn: watch this. Learn from our mistakes. Please!

Many thanks to the 2015 Great Lakes Burner Symposium for hosting a full night of incredible presentations about different burn culture sparks that have become works of art and community. You can watch the full night of presentations here. Mosaic Experiment is honored to be included.

Burning Man is not limited to Black Rock City. THIS is Burning Man. This is home.

Want to follow along with the slides from Everyman's presentation? Check out the slideshow here: 2015 Great Lakes Burner Symposium: Mosaic Experiment