CONSENT MATTERS: Communicate your boundaries!

As we hit the final stretch, just a quick reminder that our consent culture is everyone's responsibility. Consent means asking first and gaining permission when interacting - undeniably true. On the other side, consent is also about your clear communication. Take responsibility for your boundaries and intentions. Let people know how to interact with you, your art, your theme camps, and your projects! Scarlett Hayes, our fantastic Gate co-lead and graphic designer, created these images for you to use! Each separate sign image below is available as a PDF. DOWNLOAD THEM HERE, print them, decorate them, or make your own:


Yes, Touch Okay! sign



18+ Sign

We also received permission from the artists (Sunshine & Meps) to share these signs:




Consent also applies to ALL photography and video:

VIDEO AND PHOTOGRAPHY POLICY Video and pictures may be taken for personal use only, and ONLY with permission of the person being photographed. Commercial use is not permitted. Practice gaining permission before recording or taking images of people. Consent is a cornerstone of our culture, and you are expected to get consent from anyone you photograph prior to taking photos.

PLEASE NOTE: This policy is ESPECIALLY important regarding minors. You MUST ABSOLUTELY have permission to photograph anyone, and with minors, you must have the guardian's permission. DO NOT POST ANY PHOTOS PUBLICLY WITHOUT ADDITIONAL CONSENT.


Finally, please remember that consent extends to all interactions - including all human touch - this means hugs, back rubs, shoulder massages, and all intimacy. ASK FIRST. What if someone touches you without consent? COMMUNICATE YOUR BOUNDARIES LOUD AND CLEAR. Not being heard? Find a Ranger (go to the Volunteer Hub at Atomic Chocolate if you don't see one) or go to the First Aid tent. Ask for help. CONSENT MATTERS.

Volunteering is Burning

by redbird While many of us are daydreaming about what our next adventure home will bring us, I’m over here envisioning our fantastical village at work… the volunteers burning in the parking lots to show cars where to go; rangers burning as they stroll arVCghandiound offering help to their fellow participants; DPW burning as they swing hammers and yell “get off my lawn” to the same hippies that they so lovingly embrace in the next moment; gate volunteers burning as they accept your bribes and give you your wristband (after making you sweat a little for it, of course); greeters burning with hoots, hollers, and hugs that we all made it home safe; and the countless others volunteering to burn and burning to volunteer. In my misty eyes, I remember why I feel so strongly about volunteering- it’s because I feel so strongly about burning. To me, volunteering is burning. In these exciting times pre-event, as Mosaic’s volunteer coordinator, it is easy to get caught up in the blank spaces of our volunteer shift schedules… but then I get reminded to think about why I love volunteering and what volunteering at burns has given to me. I remember that this community provides, and I am forever grateful that I get an opportunity to provide to it.

VCstarI truly believe that the glory behind volunteering is that it encompasses the 10 principles- the essence and architecture of our community- in one single time-structured act. Volunteerism is encouraged for all to enjoy. For most volunteer shifts, no prerequisites exist, all are included and welcome. Volunteerism is a gift of time to our entire community. We gift this time not because we expect something in return, but because we know that our time and energy are two of the most precious things one can give, and we get to offer them to everyone all at once. We take pride that no volunteer is ever paid. Down to the last event organizer, everyone purchases a ticket to the event. This includes the folks that volunteer their time year-round to ensure that our home remains compliant with the default world, ensuring that we can return to our family reunion each year. During volunteer shifts we might find ourselves in inclement weather, awkward moments, or entirely new atmospheres; we find that we must rely on our own resources, both mental and physical, to accomplish a valuable task. Every single volunteer adds their flavor to their immediate atmosphere, something that only that individual can express to that role. Volunteering is such an easy way to participate in our community- to get to know and grow ourselves and others around us, to be an active member of the village in which we are participating and sustaining. Without volunteers, we would leave our home a MOOP (Matter Out of Place) pile. From the year-round organizers to the graveyard shift rangers, the greeters who welcome you, the individuals in bunker gear, the artists that create our effigy centerpiece, and the parking shift guides keeping us safe, we are all burning as we fulfill our tasks. We are volunteering to sustain the burn, to build it, to give it fuel… and at the end, we clean it up to start anew.

VCingersollBut what volunteering truly gives to me is a place to be of service. You can probably all relate to that feeling… if you have something about yourself that you value, you wish to share it with the people you love. Musicians share their compositions, medics share their first aid skills, level heads share their mediation techniques, fire performers dazzle your eyeballs, programmers delight your senses with audio-visual splendors, chefs share their skill for flavor and texture pairing, and so on it goes for every talent in our community. The world can be an awkward place to share your talents sometimes, but I assure you, volunteering will always be a welcome canvas. If it wasn’t for volunteer coordination, I’d be on the sidewall at the back of the furthest dome wondering how it felt to do the things everyone seemed to be enjoying. I found a place to use my talent, in volunteering I found how to burn. When it feels this good to find something like that, it’s hard not to share it. It’s hard not to dance and shout and holler that everyone should volunteer because it’s amazing what you can get from it and it’s amazing what you can miss if you look at it as a chore or a sacrifice. Not to mention the food, snacks, swag, hugs, and appreciation bombs that Mosaic is growing to provide its volunteers… yeah, those are pretty sweet too!

To find out how you can volunteer or sign up to do so here: Volunteer Sign Ups. And feel free to email me, redbird, at with any questions or feedback.

On-site we have a Volunteer Hub that is located inside of Atomic Chocolate again this year so once you’ve unpacked your gear, come see us during the day to find out where you can volunteer, what shifts you signed up for (you may have forgot, but we got you), and to get some good ol’ volunteer appreciation! And to the countless volunteers burning for countless hours to make Mosaic the home we long to return to, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. While I am awestruck by the art and activities that a burn facilitates, it is the efforts of our volunteers that fill me with the inspiration to continue believing that our community can affect the change we wish to see in the world.

rb mosaic mothHi everyone! I’m redbird and was on the ground floor of Mosaic Experiment in 2013. I fell into the Volunteer Coordinator position because it was the position that made the most sense to me as it matched my available skill set… but then I just fell head over heels with the people I met by holding the position. In my three years with the Mosaic organization I have learned more about myself, my community, and my intentions to live the life that is important to me than all of my life’s years combined. Mosaic is my home because I truly grew up here. Also, I think farts are hilarious.

OMG! Immediacy Art Grant announced



Quick, quick! Think of best ART idea you can pull off with $150 by October 1st. (What is art? You decide!) The Art Grant Committee has $150 burning a hole in its pocket and we want YOU, clever procrastinating artists, to give us your last minute kinda mostly thought out art ideas for Mosaic.

omg!GUIDELINES: We like general ideas that are concretely doable. We like philosophical statements. We like pictures. We LOVE art.

PROCESS: Send an email to artgrants[at]mosaicexperiment[dot]com by Tuesday, September 1st. That's all you gotta do.

#OMG! #IMMEDIACY #MosaicEqualsArt

Everyman speaks on bringing Burning Man home How do we bring Burning Man home? Everyman, Event Lead, speaks about Mosaic Experiment: history, lessons learned, and the future of expanding burner culture on a regional level.

Hear about the humble beginnings in his Cleveland home - the origins of Mosaic Experiment are in the story of Reclaimed Rainbow, the first Ohio burn. From 2007 to Mosaic's first official year in 2013, Everyman explains the failures and success along the way. If you've ever considered how to start your own regional burn: watch this. Learn from our mistakes. Please!

Many thanks to the 2015 Great Lakes Burner Symposium for hosting a full night of incredible presentations about different burn culture sparks that have become works of art and community. You can watch the full night of presentations here. Mosaic Experiment is honored to be included.

Burning Man is not limited to Black Rock City. THIS is Burning Man. This is home.

Want to follow along with the slides from Everyman's presentation? Check out the slideshow here: 2015 Great Lakes Burner Symposium: Mosaic Experiment

Thank you for making the Mosaic Experiment 2013 a beautiful inaugural burn!!

Mosaic went off without a hitch and we all have each other to thank for fostering such an incredible experience for participants and volunteers alike.  A special thank you to all volunteers, theme camps, and artists who gifted their time and love to the event!  We hope to see you all next year but before then, check for any buzz about Scorched Nuts, the spring regional burn that happens on the same ground as Reclaim!!! Dechahdron




Volunteer at Mosaic

participate As with all burns, Mosaic is 100% volunteer run and organized!  So we need you to help make this event special and successful for you and your fellow burners!  However you feel you want to volunteer, you can rest assured that your help, support, and love will manifest into a fun and rewarding experience.  Why not spend a few hours of a burn making sure people are hydrated, securing infrastructure, easing troubles, kissing boo-boos, welcoming your friends, rangering the f*ck out of a situation,  or keeping Reclaim beautiful?  If you're interested, check out the Volunteer page on the Mosaic website and let us know how you want to participate.  Thank you so much for contemplating being a volunteer, we hope to see you on the sign-up!

We have a logo!

We had some amazing submissions for logo art for the Mosaic Experiment this year. After a (series) of grueling polling and debate, the last poll showed 2 logos in a tie. dun Dun DUN!!! Well the Event Lead Team decided that they are both badass and they are BOTH going to be logos!!! Each logo will be used both together and separate where appropriate. THANK YOU SO MUCH to ALL the artists for their submissions and all the voters for their participation and patience! Check out the Mosaic Experiment logos!


#7 Upon first glace you will notice the basic flame shape, as fire is the basic piece of our souls. The bright crimsons, oranges, yellows leading you to the glowing inferno of blue right at our core, symbolizing the passion for our experiences at our regional events. The pieces, like each of us, are an essential part of the puzzle, coming together to form the whole. Inside the flame is the subtle shape of The Man, burning bright to represent our togetherness.

#10 This logo is inspired by the burn culture as a whole. Each stone in the mosaic represents a unique and integral facet of the community, with flame being central to the burn. It can be printed in a single color easily or in the colors of autumn (and fire).

Art Grant Fundraiser on August 10th

Get together for an incredible night of participant-led fun, community, and creativity as we raise funds to support art installations at the region's newest Burning Man event: The Mosaic Experiment.

  • Where: The KOI Pound - 2008 Freeman Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 45214
  • When: Saturday, August 10th from 5:00pm to noon Sunday
  • Cost: $10 cover grants entry and 4 art tickets.
  • Extra art tickets will be sold at $2 a piece.
  • All ages event!
  • No dogs

The Event:

This year's art installation submissions will be on display at the venue, and the artist will be available to explain and present their ideas. As a paid participant, you can directly decide which art installations will receive your donations!

Art Tickets:

Each paid participant receives 4 art tickets. Each ticket represents $2. Give your art tickets to those art installations you'd most like to see at Mosaic this year. After the event, each artist will receive the funds donated to their project, which will then be used for making their designs come to life. Additional art tickets can be purchased for $2 a piece at Gate.

Submitting Your Art:

Shoot an email to leslie[at]colorplay[dot]org, or if you're on Facebook, please contact Razzle Mantis or Lucy LaFae as early as you're able to have your project included on the submission roster. Please explain your ideas in full: intent for the piece, scope of the project, the dollar amount you need in order to create the piece, and whether you intend to burn this art.

Displaying Your Art at the Fundraiser:

Please arrive on time and prepared! The longer your art is on display, the more people will be able to peruse it and decide. Be prepared to present your art! Talk with people about your ideas, and get them excited.

You will have your own table space to display models, drawings, schematics, etc.


Party Details!

If you'd like to play music, you are welcomed to bring your gear. If we ask you to turn it down, you will do so or be unplugged.

If you would like to spin fire, please bring your own gear and fuel. Gasoline and Kerosene are prohibited. You must have a spotter with a towel or blanket on hand during the entirety of your burn.

Please remember this is an ALL AGES event. If you are planning on bringing your little ones to The Mosaic Experiment, this would be a wonderful way to introduce them to the community and get them excited for what's to come. Children must be accompanied by an adult and properly supervised.

Facebook event:


I already told you! It's at the KOI Pound, silly! 2008 Freeman Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 45214

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Mosaic logo deadline is August 2nd

logocontestA Mosaic Experiment logo submission deadline has been decided upon by the Event Lead Team!  Email your logo art submission as a jpeg file to volunteers[at]mosaicexperiment[dot]com by Friday, August 2 to be included in the choices for community vote-based decision.  See the glorious logo art that has already been submitted here!

Mosaic needs a logo!

You've seen logos for other burns, maybe you even have those logos tattooed on your very own body? Well the Mosaic Experiment needs an original logo that captures the energy of the event!If you like to draw, doodle, or drool onto paper please consider putting your idea to the page and posting it to us! Whether the image be digitally made or sketched, scanned, and uploaded, PLEASE consider sending us your creation. We will post your images on the Mosaic website so we can get community feedback!!!  Submit as many as you like!  Click on the LogoArt tab at the top of the page to see what's up so far!  No deadline yet, stay tuned...