We have a logo!

We had some amazing submissions for logo art for the Mosaic Experiment this year. After a (series) of grueling polling and debate, the last poll showed 2 logos in a tie. dun Dun DUN!!! Well the Event Lead Team decided that they are both badass and they are BOTH going to be logos!!! Each logo will be used both together and separate where appropriate. THANK YOU SO MUCH to ALL the artists for their submissions and all the voters for their participation and patience! Check out the Mosaic Experiment logos!


#7 Upon first glace you will notice the basic flame shape, as fire is the basic piece of our souls. The bright crimsons, oranges, yellows leading you to the glowing inferno of blue right at our core, symbolizing the passion for our experiences at our regional events. The pieces, like each of us, are an essential part of the puzzle, coming together to form the whole. Inside the flame is the subtle shape of The Man, burning bright to represent our togetherness.

#10 This logo is inspired by the burn culture as a whole. Each stone in the mosaic represents a unique and integral facet of the community, with flame being central to the burn. It can be printed in a single color easily or in the colors of autumn (and fire).