What When Where 2019

It's time to plan your Flights of Fancy!

We’re thrilled to share the 2019 WWW guide for Mosaic Experiment’s Flight of Fancy. Please note that this is a living document which will be updated daily until October 2nd, 2019. If you would like a PDF copy of the guide, please grab it right here.

Both this page and PDF version will be updated each time we add events so be sure to grab a final copy just before you leave for reclaim. See something that needs added or corrected, please email promotions@mosaicexperiment.com!

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Things You Need To Know!

Welcome to your quick guide to things you should know leading up to this year’s Mosaic Experiment. We will be updating this page with any new links we think you would need on the quick right up to the event so check back and PLEASE explore the site for even more resources:

Survival Guide:

Directions to Mosaic Experiment:

Map of Mosaic Experiment:


List an event in the What When Where guide (coming soon):

Code of Conduct:

10 Principals:

A Note On Gate:
Tickets are will-call only!
Save your email purchase information. You will receive a purchase confirmation from Brown Paper Tickets when you have made a ticket purchase. Save it! You may need the info to confirm a purchase or transfer a ticket.

You must have a valid, non-expired, government-issued ID that matches your name on the will call list at Gate. We are no longer processing tickets by ticket number. Matching Name + ID = Entry to Mosaic Experiment

There will be a cut-off for transferring tickets this year - end of the day 9/29/19.

Burner Resume: Bunny

Burner Resume: Bunny

Burner Handle(s): Bunny

Role(s): Why do you do it? I'm a sucker and agree to things while inebriated? Honestly being art grant lead is really special to me. Being able to help build our community via direct communication to the art base is amazing. Art is such an important part of my life and being able to help facilitate in it gives me the warm squishy feels.

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2019 Placement Map Unveiled

We are thrilled to share this year’s Mosaic Experiment Placement Map!

A couple of notes on our map. This is a living document and may change slightly when land conditions are assessed after we arrive at the event. If anyone has anything to add or change to their art or theme camp descriptions, please email placement@mosaicexperiment.com.

Also note that there are layers that can be toggled on/off for fire, sound, food, and alcohol. The default is having fire, food, and alcohol off because it clutters the map, but individuals can turn those layers on when viewing on their own devices.

9/23 Update: We made adjustments to the NW path. The same camps are in that area, we simply shuffled them around due to heavy art.

Special thanks are offered to the entire placement team and those who assisted them in making this document come to life in such wonderful detail.

A Mix Of Registrations Close This Friday

Theme Camp, Art Installation, Open RV/Car Camping, Fire, & Early Entry Registration all CLOSE THIS FRIDAY!

If you need to register any of these, do not pause... do not pass go... do not collect your twinkle lights... Go RIGHT NOW to mosaicexperiment.com/registration and register!

While we're pointing out things to consider, ticket sales end on or before September 22nd. If you still need to secure your ability to be part of Mosaic, get yourself to mosaicexperiment.com/tickets and make your purchase so we can WELCOME YOU HOME once again!

Time Is Running Out For 2019 Tickets!

Planning to attend Mosaic this October?
Your time to purchase tickets is RUNNING OUT quickly!

Ticket sales will close on September 22nd and may close early if we sell out. At most, you only have 20 days left so if you do not yet have your tickets, please purchase them as soon as possible by visiting mosaicexperiment.com/tickets.

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Things to know regarding your ticket…

While talking tickets, please note that Mosaic has switched over to a ticket system that is WILL CALL BY NAME this year. The name on your ticket must match your ID. If you sell your ticket, be sure to get the name switched with Brown Paper Tickets (BPT).

If you purchase a ticket for someone else, put it in their name, not yours. This is a more secure system that better protects the event and also eliminates the need to send people walking down the road trying to log into their account to get the ticket number.

For more detail, please visit this year’s Survival Guide found at mosaicexperiment.com/survival-guide anytime you need it.

Burner Resume: Squeezie (and/or LiLi)

Burner Resume: Squeezie (and/or LiLi)

Burner Handle(s): Squeezie and/or LiLi

Defaultia Region of Origin: Ohio, around the Dayton area

Years Burning/home burn: I think this is my third year??? I mean, I think I've always burned without attending an actual event (or I'm just crazy). My home burn is Lakes of Fire, though technically it should be Mosaic since it's closer.

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