2019 Placement Map Unveiled

We are thrilled to share this year’s Mosaic Experiment Placement Map!

A couple of notes on our map. This is a living document and may change slightly when land conditions are assessed after we arrive at the event. If anyone has anything to add or change to their art or theme camp descriptions, please email placement@mosaicexperiment.com.

Also note that there are layers that can be toggled on/off for fire, sound, food, and alcohol. The default is having fire, food, and alcohol off because it clutters the map, but individuals can turn those layers on when viewing on their own devices.

9/23 Update: We made adjustments to the NW path. The same camps are in that area, we simply shuffled them around due to heavy art.

Special thanks are offered to the entire placement team and those who assisted them in making this document come to life in such wonderful detail.