It's time to choose a theme for 2019!

Hey Burner Fam! New year, new theme needed! Before your venerable, psychotic Leads meet at the end of the month! We've narrowed the list down to FIVE options. Vote now! Voting closes two weeks from today, on January 23rd. Radical Participation y'all!

Theme Descriptions (in no particular order):

Rebirth: Many people attend burns for various reasons, one of which is rebirth. This happens at burns through various ways - through the effigy burn, through reconnecting with old friends, and reconnecting with yourself. I envision vibrant art, art that has gone through a transformation of some sort that has been "rebirthed." Artists could make art with recycled materials or use old art projects that have gone through a transformation.

House of the Rising Pun: "Everyone needs a bit of levity on top of things. This allows for a lot of fun word play with all of the different theme camps. A really flexible base theme that also ties into some folk roots that a lot of the burner community can relate with. Each theme camp and art grant could really settle in on some terrible terrible word play, the real groaners that everyone loves to hate. It also invites more subtle humor that folks can try and think on to try and find what's trying to be achieved.

Flights of Fancy: How will you fly? On a mythical beast? Among the clouds in a hot air balloon? On a carpet, or maybe a broom? How will you be fancy? Or will you just be fantastical! Let your imagination soar as we create a community too magical to be bound on earth, so we all took flight.

Different Kind of Human: Let's take the Experiment in Mosaic Experiment literally - this theme encourages all of us to contemplate and embrace the 10 Principles intentionally.. Creating a burn, ultimately, creates a space to experiment to play at being a different kind of human, one who includes others, participates radically with immediacy, cares about consent, understands the value of community, and leaves no trace. "Different Kind of Human" can be expressed through inventive cosplay of different types of humanoids (Vulcans, Elves, Klingon, Altaen, Benders, etc). Representational art might include re-imagined creation stories, futuristic ideals, or spatial reflections on community.

Radical Botanical: Plants trees birds bees dirty knees

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