Mosaic Experiment Art Grant Cycle

Greetings O’ Great and Glorious Experimenters!

Tis I Bunny, your magnificent art grant lead.

I hope during the long cold winter months you’ve all taken some time to think about art. Maybe some of you even passed the chilly days away by making some art? I know I did.

So now that the snow has melted, spring has sprung and the great day star of judgment is breaking through those cloudy days a bit more often; I think it’s the most perfect time to say…

Welcome to the 2019 Mosaic Experiment Art Grant Cycle!

Some of you might know that Mosaic Experiment 2019: Flights of Fancy will be held October 3-6. Tickets are currently on sale!

Did you know our community is driven by you the participate? That your participation is where all the magic happens? We couldn’t do it without your involvement. So let’s get you more involved… Let’s make art!

This year the grant program will close on June 30th at 11:59pm est. That’s two weeks after the ending of Lakes of Fire. Plenty of time to procrastinate and figure out where your unicorn floaties disappeared to...

There’s $4000 smakaroos out there for you as a community to create art with. As well as $1500 to build an effigy with… Is that effigy artist you?

Art grant submission form:

Effigy and Large scale burnable submission form:

ART Grants FAQ…/19vp9tblBC0Zoj4Mcgr3imaDogUQ…/edit

Art Grants Criteria…/19SU4IJUJ4rIxbvnn8ADQmKtPjOk…/edit

Mosaic Experiment Prohibited Burn Materials…/1tUl2dvtJf8ieujme2O-AI_JSU6r…/edit

In the immortal words of da Bunny. “if I can do it, you can too!” You might be and artist and not even know it yet. Now Fyd!


Tickets For Mosaic Experiment 2019 Now On Sale! 

PLEASE NOTE a few changes this year!

Tickets are will-call ONLY so you will need to save your email purchase information. You will receive a purchase confirmation from Brown Paper Tickets when you make a ticket purchase. Save it! You may need the info to confirm a purchase or transfer a ticket.

As you arrive at the event, you will need a valid, non-expired, government-issued ID that matches your name on the will call list at Gate. We are no longer processing tickets by number. Matching Name + ID = Entry to Mosaic Experiment!

There will be a cut-off for transferring tickets this year. That date is the end of the day on 9/29/19.

Want to grab your tickets?

Tier 1 on sale from 4/01 to 5/31 or until tickets sell out; tickets cost $80+ fees
Tier 2 on sale from 6/01 to 9/22 or until tickets sell out; tickets cost $90+ fees

Low-income ticket applications open from 3/21 until 7/01. See the Scholarship Ticket Program page for more information. Details via

Purchase tickets 

Low-Income Ticket Applications Begin March 21st

We are thrilled to announce that low-income ticket (LIT) applications will begin on March 21st. The window for you to apply will close on July 1st. LIT will be available for $45. Regular ticket sales start on April 1st.

Tier 1 - 4/01 to 5/31 (don’t miss this window to save $10)
Tier 2 - 5/31 to 9/22 (or they sell out, whichever comes first)

The total number of tickets available will be 450 for our 2019 Mosaic Experiment (welcome home!). An extra 50 tickets will be released if we sell out of those tickets and identify volunteers to support the extra burners.

Tier 1 tickets will be $80. Tier 2 tickets will be $90. The price increase this year will go toward wood chips to protect your feet from wet, soggy, muddy ground. It will also serve to increase the number of golf carts we have available to shuttle people and their gear. All good things!

Want to get more involved? We’re looking for a ticketing lead. The full list of lead positions are open with a description of the position and application form on the website under the Volunteer tab.

One of us! One of us!

For more details, click here.

It's time to choose a theme for 2019!

Hey Burner Fam! New year, new theme needed! Before your venerable, psychotic Leads meet at the end of the month! We've narrowed the list down to FIVE options. Vote now! Voting closes two weeks from today, on January 23rd. Radical Participation y'all!

Theme Descriptions (in no particular order):

Rebirth: Many people attend burns for various reasons, one of which is rebirth. This happens at burns through various ways - through the effigy burn, through reconnecting with old friends, and reconnecting with yourself. I envision vibrant art, art that has gone through a transformation of some sort that has been "rebirthed." Artists could make art with recycled materials or use old art projects that have gone through a transformation.

House of the Rising Pun: "Everyone needs a bit of levity on top of things. This allows for a lot of fun word play with all of the different theme camps. A really flexible base theme that also ties into some folk roots that a lot of the burner community can relate with. Each theme camp and art grant could really settle in on some terrible terrible word play, the real groaners that everyone loves to hate. It also invites more subtle humor that folks can try and think on to try and find what's trying to be achieved.

Flights of Fancy: How will you fly? On a mythical beast? Among the clouds in a hot air balloon? On a carpet, or maybe a broom? How will you be fancy? Or will you just be fantastical! Let your imagination soar as we create a community too magical to be bound on earth, so we all took flight.

Different Kind of Human: Let's take the Experiment in Mosaic Experiment literally - this theme encourages all of us to contemplate and embrace the 10 Principles intentionally.. Creating a burn, ultimately, creates a space to experiment to play at being a different kind of human, one who includes others, participates radically with immediacy, cares about consent, understands the value of community, and leaves no trace. "Different Kind of Human" can be expressed through inventive cosplay of different types of humanoids (Vulcans, Elves, Klingon, Altaen, Benders, etc). Representational art might include re-imagined creation stories, futuristic ideals, or spatial reflections on community.

Radical Botanical: Plants trees birds bees dirty knees

Vote here:

Burner Resume: BrewBear

Burner Resume: BrewBear

Burner Handle(s): BrewBear (new burner name thanks to HoneyBear!!!)

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Kids at a Burn

So, a Burn sounds like your thing, but you aren’t sure if it’s something to which you can bring your five year old. You’ve got questions. Well, we’ve got answers.

Parents of children under age 12 are the primary target audience for this FAQ.

Can I bring along my little one?

Children are allowed at Mosaic; however, this is NOT a child-oriented event. You are your child's parent, no one else. We don't know your standards for what you do or don't want your child to see, so we can't tell you that a Burn is or isn't the place for your little ball of energy. If you have been to other burns, or to Burning Man, you have some idea of the sort of things to which your child could be exposed. If not, it may be a good idea to come alone for your first burn, rather than pay for a non-refundable ticket and then leave halfway through when junior asks "Mommy, what's a candy-flip?" Additionally, you can ask parents who have brought their children to past Burns what the experience was like for them.

Are you prepared to be responsible for your child 24/7? Failure to adequately supervise minors in your care will result in immediate ejection without exception or recourse. This includes a 5 year old climbing the effigy alone at 4am, a 16 year old in an age restricted theme camp, or a 7 year old who helps themselves to someones cooler.

Will there be kiddie-focused events there?

Only if you make it happen. As with everything else at a No Spectators event, that's up to you. There is no Kids' Camp, nor are there activities specifically designed for children, unless YOU want them and make them happen.

Will my kids be safe?

The waiver can be summarized as “you might die”. There are going to be lots of fires at various times during the weekend, and there are several acres of land and forest in which an unsupervised child could get lost. Keeping your child safe is your responsibility. Again, if you've never been to a Burn, it may be best to come alone to your first so that you can know what you're getting into.

Can I leave my kids in my tent at night while I whoop it up with y'all till sunrise?

This is another question that you must answer for yourself. How would your child react to waking up in a strange place alone? Would they go wandering off in search of the bathroom and risk getting lost? Would they know you were right over there with the people in the cool costumes? Do you feel comfortable leaving your child alone in your home overnight unsupervised? Because the only supervision your child will receive during the weekend is that which you provide.

Is there babysitting?

Only if you make it happen. Day Care Camp does not exist. If you think it should, make it.

What do you mean, all kids must be on leashes?

Just making sure you're still reading this.

I hear certain things happen at Burning Man that I don't want my child to see. Will they happen here?

Because each event is a unique product of the vision and energy of the community, it's impossible to say what will or won't happen at a Burn. If you're worried your child will see something you don't want them to see, you'd be safest assuming they will see it if they come, and act accordingly.

My kid is scared of (insert random practice here). Can you guarantee that no one will do this?

Nope. As a matter of fact, it is safer to assume that practice will happen.

I'm not sure my kids will like it if there aren't Disney movies, Oreos, and gumdrops; will these be provided?

Say it with me: Only if you make it happen.

If we come, and then we have to leave Friday night because my kids don't like it, can we get a refund?

Ticket sales are non-refundable. If you aren't willing to risk having to leave early, it would probably be better if you came alone.

My 14-year old kid wants to learn to spin fire cuz it looks cool. He's pretty coordinated; can he take lessons?

Your child is your responsibility, so it's between you, him, and the person you find who is willing to teach him.

So what you're saying is that my child can come along, but that I'm still their parent so they’re my responsibility. That's cool. So how much is it to bring kids along?

Depends on the age of the kid. See below.


  • Adult tickets (13 years and older): $75 + service fees, on sale until June 11th
  • Adult tickets (13 years and older): $85 + service fees, Tier II sales begin June 12th
  • Child tickets (12 and under): No cost, as a gift to the community.*

(With Special thanks to Playa Del Fuego for providing the Framework)

Burner Resume: Ester the mental molester

Burner Resume: Ester the mental molester

Burner Handle: Ester the mental molester,

YMFFGM (your mother fucking fairie goddess mother) but Mama called me razor lips. I’m the M in S&M Productions, your Promo Team

Defaultia Region of Origin: Southern Michigan.

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